TUGS Compostable  Carry Bags

TUGS Compostable Carry Bags

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100% biodegradable and compostable grocery/ shopping/ carry bags made from natural feedstock like corn. These bags are for daily use and it can be used as garbage bag after use. Which will help to meet requirements of daily needs and garbage disposal.

This will help to keep our environment clean and green. These products never need oxygen, light, heat, moisture or mechanical stress to turn into soil in 1 to 7 years, totally compostable biodegrading and leaving no remnants behind. It can be buried in any typical landfill (95% of all trash ends up here), or placed in backyard compost bin, and you can rest assured they will disappear in a short time.

They can be recycled and/or used again and they will not harm the environment. A biodegradable, natural and organic solutions for any user wishing to enter the growing category of environmentally-friendly products.